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Congrats on your upcoming move to Colorado! I would really appreciate your advice on looking for and ultimately landing out of state employment. I'm currently in Michigan but dreaming of Seattle :)

Hey there! 

For my industry, it’s pretty easy to be mobile. I work in hotels and lodging, so finding jobs are pretty simple.. except if you’re NOT in the area. I tried applying to hotels in Denver, but they were unwilling to wait for me to put in my 2 weeks here in Michigan and then move out there. I was able to get a job with a ski resort company since it’s the off-season and they have wiggle room to get me out there, and a huge chunk of their employees come from out of state anyways. It really depends on what you want to go into; I would definitely suggest looking at places like OR even jobs on LinkedIn (if you’re not a member, sign up! Great way to network). Many different industries have different employment websites, so if you’re going into hospitality, try, or (for the more adventurous job opportunities). 

Otherwise, the best way to get out there would be to actually just pick up and move to where you want to be, then start the job hunt. Make sure you have some money for padding so you have the means incase you don’t find a job.

Hope this helped somewhat!

Hi friends!

I’m looking to become more active on my Wordpress and I am always looking for suggestions on what to write about (i’ve hit a creative rut…one of those that you really WANT to express but don’t know how)

Anyone have suggestions? :)

Friendly reminder that you are amazingly beautiful. You are taking steps towards your dream job and career. You've got a bright mind. You're on your way kid.

Thank you. This warmed my heart :)